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What is Fixed Wireless?

So, what is fixed wireless? Fixed wireless is growing in popularity especially across rural America. Simply put, it uses radio waves to connect a single location to broadband internet without the need for cable, phone lines, or satellite hotspots.

The cliffnotes:

  • Fixed wireless has less interference than satellite
  • Signals travel less distance which reduces latency or “lag”
  • No data caps or overage charges

So, how does it work?

Fixed wireless technology uses antennas or dishes much like satellite. However, unlike satellite, data does not have to travel to space and back; which tends to increase latency. Fixed wireless uses radio waves to transmit information from your home or business’s access point (i.e. computer, tablet, game console, etc.) to a nearby WiFiber dish on a tower. From there it sends your data to an ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) network. From the ISPs network your data is then sent to the world wide web and makes its way back to your home.

how fixed wireless works diagram

The distances fixed wireless has to travel are relatively smaller in comparison to satellite internet. Signals are sent to the nearest tower from your antenna. This decreases “lag time” and reliability. Because signals do not travel into earth’s atmosphere, thunderstorms and other weather conditions don’t really affect transmission.

It gets better. Unlike most cable companies and satellite internet providers, there are no data caps. That means you can surf, stream, or game as much as you want. Plus, no overage fees.